General School Purchase Questions

Understanding BMM Membership and Course Tech

The key to all our systems in your EMAIL address. Your course, your membership, your purchases are tied to your email addess.  Our most frequent Member “tech issue” is due to:

  • email addresses being mis-spelledDifferent
  • email addresses used for different course and member registrations
  • opting your email address out of our system
  • or simply your email address used in registration is now invalid 

Often contacts in our systems will use multiple email addresses. This creates confusion when a member receives email with both member focus and email to the non-member general public.  When communicating a problem regarding your membership or course enrollment please include your email address(es) that relate to the account.

I don't see a registration button for the course I want?

Registration for Membership and different course “open” and “close” throughout the year.  If you don’t see an active “Register Now” button that particular offering is not currently taking registrations.  If your school/district has a special request to enroll a group for a particular course please visit our Group Enrollment page.

Build Math Mind Membership Questions

Course Questions

Invoice/Billing Questions

Choose the Correct Registration

At any given time BMM may have several “open” courses or member registrations. Courses can be taken in 3 month or 1 year intervals. BMM Membership may be for a new member, a Particiapnt completing a course and joining BMM or a Current BMM Member renewing membership.  Please choose the correct registration. If you have any questions about the correct registration to use please ask PRIOR to completing a registration.

School Purchase Payments

After your registration is complete a Build Math Minds invoice will be generated.  You will have 4 choices when you register. The choices will indicate if you are attaching the Purchase Order, a Purchase Order is not needed, a Invoice is needed first or you are creating a “Pending” registration where a PO will be sent when available.  Once a BMM Invoice is finalized your payment options include pay by check or credit card. The email address entered in this registration process is the email address the Invoice is sent to. Please double check your email spelling.