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group enrollment

Discounts available for single registrations

If you are already a BMM Member (paying $39/month or $468/year) you may add a course to your account at the discount price of $180.  Login to your membership account and choose “Add a Course”.

If you join a 1 year course at $648 the second (and third) course can be purchase for $180.  Purchase just the first course and when you login to your new account, you will select “Add a Course” inside your account.

If you need assistance with any of these discounts please contact us FIRST at We would be happy to assist with registration.

Group Enrollment

Group Enrollment is intended for schools/districts to enroll 6-30 participants in the Flexibility Formula and Counting on Number Sense Courses or to register a group in the BMM Professional Development Member Site.

Below you will find pricing for Group Enrollment (6-30 participants. Pricing per participant and for each course). Have more that 30 participants? Email and as about site licensing.

Group Enrollment Courses

3 month access 12 month access
Individual Course Purchase
(Flexibility Formula K-2nd and 3rd-5th and Counting on Number Sense PreK-1)
$297/person $648/person
Group Purchase (6-10 people)  $40 discount
$257/person $608/person
Large Group Purchase (11-25)  20% discount $238/person $589/person
Site license with individual logins and BMM access (limit to 30 logins because we are tracking progress, $200 for each additional 3mo login, $500 for 12mo) $6,000 $15,000


Group Enrollment bmm PD Membership

BMM Membership Per Participant Monthly Yearly
Individual Membership $39/person $468/person
Group Purchase (6-10 people)  $60 discount for year
Large Group Purchase (11-25) $385/person
Site license with individual logins (limit to 30 logins because we are tracking progress, $33 for each additional 3mo login, $343 for 12mo) $990 $10,300

Each participant will have access to the Build Math Minds Professional Development Member Site for one year. During that year a member can add a Flexibility Formula Course to there membership for $180. (Price per Participant). Large group “monthly” access must be pre-approved by emailing

How to Register a Group

To register 6 or more participants please email: with the following information.

  • School Name
  • Name, Email, Phone of person responsible for billing
  • Name and email of each participant (in spreadsheet format)
  • Which course and what duration (3 month or 1 year)
  • Attach your PO to the email


We greatly appreciate if you ask your question before registering. Correcting registrations can cause delay for the Participant.