Join The Flexibility Formula 3rd-5th Course

This form should be used by a participant who previously took the Number Sense course and is purchasing The Flexibility Formula 3rd-5th Grade course.  This registration will generate an Invoice to your school and register you in the course.

If you are joining the course but NOT using school/district funds please return to the “Pay with Credit Card” area.

***Before you begin the School Purchase process be sure to follow these directions

  • If your school requires that we attach a copy of your PO to our invoice you must upload the PO during this transaction. You will enter the contact information of the party responsible for billing (Step 1) and then you will enter the Course Participant information (Step 2).  The contact information for the “billing responsible” can be different and is used for any billing questions or issues.
  • If your school is paying for you for but will use a credit card, use the School Purchase Order process. Put NA in the PO number field. When the Invoice is sent to your school there will be an option to pay with a credit card.
  • PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS YOUR PREVIOUS COURSE IS UNDER. If you use a different email address your course will be added to a second account. If you have a new email address let us know at after you register and we will merge the accounts.
  • By using the School Purchase Order you are indicating you have the authority to obligate school district funds. Do not complete this process if you are not sure your school district will make payment to Build Math Minds.