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K-2nd Grades – 1 Year Course

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Use this Order Form to register a participant in the Flexibility Formula K-2nd - 1 Year Course

This is a two step process. Step 1 information should be the information of the contact responsible for school billing and payments. Step 2 is the information of the participant who will be taking the course. If your school requires us to attach your PO to our invoice you must upload the PO during this process. If you will pay using a school credit card place NA in the PO Number field. If your school requires a PO and you do not have it yet, do not begin your registration.

STEP 1 - School Purchaser Information

This information should be the person responsible for purchase order processing. The participants information will be entered below. If you are registering yourself you are indicating you have permission to use school funds.
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STEP 2: Enter the participants First Name, Last Name, and Email, and Address below. Please be accurate with this information as course accounts and certificates will be created using this information.

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